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If your smartphone has suffered from maritime crash or falling from the 5th floor, guaranteed adjustment become impossible for the majority of service centers, but not for us !’s services provide free repairing in the non-guaranteed damages. If it’s not possible to repair your device, we will give you back 75% from device’s price or replaice broken one with a new.
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Everything will be okay

Whatever trouble happens, guaranteed breakage or mechanical damages — «Everything will be okay» service will fit your device wherever and whenever. There is no more need in spending money on expensive repairing. We’ll repair your device or provide you with a great 75% or either 100% compensation from the price of your gadget.


No one is protected from mechanical damages, even your techniques! While buying «Save» service you are getting guaranteed repair or 75% compensation of device’s price, if an adjustment doesn’t help. Keep calm and save money together with beneficial’s service.

Ooops! Crashed, spilled...

Although it’s quite easy to crashed a screen or spill a coffee all over the tab, but non-guarantee repair expenses don’t feel that good! Choose «Oops! Crashed, spilled...» service – and you will get free adjustment for a year. If the repair is impossible, than we will replace broken device with a new one. Protect yourself from the stress for a year – and no more «Oops!» wherever you are.