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What annoys you the most about device repair? Long time to wait, of course.

We are fine dreaming for two weeks about getting our TV back, but we are so not ready spending even a day without out smartphone. Additionally, someone gets to deliver it to the service center. “Send it yourself” is not an option. It’s just more drama and unnecessary expenses.

That is why provides fast and free both ways delivery of your device.

  • Have you broken your device?

Just drop it off at the nearest branch of Nova Poshta. Whoosh and we’ve got it. And then it gets right back to you. We have chosen the biggest mail company as our partner. So you don’t have to doubt if the equipment is properly transported.

  • What if you device is pretty heavy and you are totally not Schwarzy?

Don’t panic. It’s ok. If your device weighs more than 5 kg, you can take advantage of a courier service from your place and back to it.

  • And then? Just stand by.

We,, run a full diagnostic that lasts up to 5 business days. Usually, it’s just a day or two.  After the diagnostic is complete, the device repair takes up to 14 business days. It depends on a type of damage. In some cases, it takes just 3 days, in other cases – a week or so.

We appreciate your time, so we strive to complete the entire cycle, shipment – diagnostic – repair – return delivery, in 7 days.