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As soon as manufacturer’s guarantee gets extended, our devices start to cause problems. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Expensive and long maintenance making you sick, but you cannot deal with it yourself. So there is an alternative option — few more years of confidence in your gadget. We will take care of all issues, as soon as manufacturer’s guarantee expire. Free repairing or replacement broken device on new onw in guaranteed breakage with «+1 year of guarantee» and «+2 years of guarantee» services.

+1 or +2 years of guaranteeService duration starts acting from the moment of purchasing till the 1 or 2 years after the expiration of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Repairing of the device in guaranteed breakage after the expiration of manufacturer’s guarantee.

Validity of repair: up to 10 working days.

Replacement broken device on new onw if the repairing is impossible or incomplete.

Mobile 24/7 support comes into effect just after the purchasing, without limits of contacting the support service by «Support.ua».

When do the +1/+2 additional years of guarantee start to work?
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Answers to the questions

Is it possible to buy «+1/+2 years of guarantee» service separately or later?

Yes, you can buy «+1/+2 years of guarantee» separately during 30 days after purchasing the device.

For what kind of techniques is it possible to buy «+1/+2 years of guarantee» service?

«+1/+2 years guarantee» service can be purchased for:

  • Digital techniques
  • Computer techniques or additional individual appliances to them
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Small household appliances
  • Household appliances
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Electric transport, except batteries
  • Radio-controlled models, except batteries

When do the additional +1/+2 years of guarantee start to work?

Additional 1/2 years of guarantee start to work after an expire of manufacturer’s guarantee. For example, If the main guarantee by manufacturer takes 2 years, than additional guarantee will be active for the 3d and 4th years.

In a case of what kind of breakages is it possible to use this service?

In a case of guaranteed breakage (attributable to manufacturer).

Why shall me use «+1/+2 years guarantee» service?

You can use «+1/+2 years of guarantee» service for free repairing of technique, if it breaks after an expiration of the main guarantee by manufacturer. If the adjustment is impossible, you will get full compensation according to the price of the device or a brand-new technique.

How many times is it possible to use repairing option?

You can use it unlimited amount of times for guaranteed breakages till the moment of compensation.

How much time does it take for repairing process?

5-days diagnostic goes before the repairing, which doesn’t take more than 14 working days.

What is telephone support and how to use it?

Telephone support — it’s a service which provides consultation connected with any questions that pop up during the usage period. It is round-the-clock service and you can use it unlimited amount of time from the first day of purchasing your device.

Where should you go if techniques broke?

While the main manufacturer’s guarantee is still active, you have to go to the specific authorized service centers. After the expiration of the main one, you should go to the Support.ua.

What if breakage is non-guaranteed?

You will get your device back, if during the diagnostic process in our service center, we will get to the conclusion that the case is non-guaranteed.

How to get techniques to repair to Support.ua?

Support.ua guarantees a free delivery in both ways. Delivery from your place is provided for the devices bigger than 5 kilograms. You can also bring your techniques straight to our office in Kyiv.

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