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Stay in trend! Technology is advancing rapidly and iPhones are rapidly becoming obsolete. With the "iPhone Exchange" service, you can exchange an iPhone purchased at Rozetka for store certificates within 12 months - we will refund 75% of the cost of the gadget.

iPhone Exchange


Service duration: 12 months.

Exchange of the purchased gadget to 75% certificate from the price mentioned in check.

Mobile and online round-the-clock support by Support.ua start working from the purchasing moment without any limits.

Scheme of service providence

Схема надання послуг

Answers on the questions

What to do with the service after purchasing?

During the next 14 days after purchasing you have to register the service. You can either call by number mentioned in service or use online-chat on Support.ua website.

What will I get from the purchasing of the Trade in service?
First of all, you will have an opportunity to exchange device to any 75% certificate from the price of the technique. Secondly, round-the-clock mobile and online support by Support.ua.

How to exchange the device for the certificate?
You have to contact Support.ua via online chat or using a number mentioned in consumer’s notes, and send us device from any Nova Poshta department at our expense. If device’s state corresponding to the conditions, we will send you certificate during the 5 working days.

What are the «exchange conditions»?
Everything is quite simple: device has to turn on and work, screen has to be without scathe, matrix is free from defects, and technique in general has to be without any serious mechanical damages. And moreover there have to be all original packages and accessories. Check more detail in Services.

What If device isn’t corresponding to the exchange conditions?
Then you can’t exchange your device for certificate, but you still will have round-the-clock support due to the end of the service’s duration.

What is mobile and online support and how to use it?

Mobile support — it is a provision of a consultation connected with questions, which can appear during the usage of device. Online support — it is a provision of the distance services for your devices by internet. Both mobile and online support are round-the-clock services and you can use them without a limit, starting from the first day of purchasing the service.

Simple scheme of work
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