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There is no surprise in often guaranteed breakages. But what shall you do if manufacture’s guarantee is provided only for a year, and you don’t really want to pay for the expensive repairing later ? Additional guarantee by Support.ua takes care of all responsibilities in equipment maintenance, including free repairing in guaranteed cases and round-the-clock support. And we well give 100% of device’s price or replace it with new one, If it fail in being fixed.
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Guarantee by Support.ua

Are you buying techniques without manufacturer’s guarantee ? And then more and more troubles appear? You don’t need to worry, because Support.ua will take care of your device! If the technique got broken because of the manufacture’s mistake, we will quickly repair or replace it on a a new one. And round-the-clock mobile support whenever you are.

+1/+2 years of guarantee

As soon as manufacturer’s guarantee gets extended, our devices start to cause problems. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Expensive and long maintenance making you sick, but you cannot deal with it yourself. So there is an alternative option — few more years of confidence in your gadget. We will take care of all issues, as soon as manufacturer’s guarantee expire. Free repairing or replacement broken device on new onw in guaranteed breakage with «+1 year of guarantee» and «+2 years of guarantee» services.