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“Total Damage Protection” – the name of the service speaks for itself. will help it all whatever damage it is: under warranty damage, hardware malfunction, mechanical or accidental damage, cracks or liquid damage. We’ll fix your device at no cost or replace it with a new one. 24/7 online support is included for free!

Total Damage Protection

REPLACEMENT OF A DEVICE WITH A NEW ONE – in case of an under warranty damage, or if a repair is impossible or impractical

SERVICE DURATION – 1 year since purchase

DEVICE REPAIR AT NO COST – out-of-warranty cases (mechanical damage, drop or liquid damage)

ONLINE SUPPORT – available 24/7 throughout the warranty period

What devices can I purchase this protection plan for?

The “Total Damage Protection” plan can be purchased for smartphones, tablets, laptops and monoblock (all-in-one) PCs.

Can this service be purchased separately or later?

The “Total Damage Protection” plan can be purchased separately but on the same day when a device is purchased.

Should I register the service?

Yes, it is required to register the service within 14 days since purchase. To register, please call 0-800-30-50-24 or do it online at

How long is the service available?

The service is available for 12 months since the moment of purchase.

What do I get with this “Total Damage Protection” plan?

First of all, a device repair at no cost in out-of-warranty cases (mechanical damage, breakage, liquid damage). If a repair is impossible or it is a manufacturing defect that falls under warranty, you will get a new device instead of a broken one. Secondly, the service includes free 24/7 phone and online support.

How many times can a repair be done?

The service includes one (1) repair/fix.

How long does it take to fix a device?

Before a device is fixed, we run a full diagnostic that lasts up to 5 business days. After the diagnostic is complete, the device repair takes up to 14 business days.

What should I do if my device is broken?

In case of a device damage, please call 0-800-30-50-24 or contact online support on our website (

How do I send a device for a repair to

You can send it directly to from any branch of ‘Nova Poshta’ at our expense. After your device is fixed, we send it back to the same branch of ‘Nova Poshta’ where you pick it up. You can also drop your device off at our office in Kyiv.

What is phone and online support and how do I contact it?

You can contact our support team via phone with any questions you may have regarding your device usage. Online support provides remote assistance via internet. Phone and online support are available 24/7 and unlimited for the entire period of the service duration since the moment of the plan purchase.

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